Submit up to 5 IELTS writing tasks for correction

Are you preparing for an IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge FCE/CAE speaking test? At Melbourne English Tuition we can assist you to develop your communication and writing skills.

Melbourne English Tuition is offering a free online writing correction service for subscribed members that specialises in assisting you to develop and refine your language skills.

All our proofreading staff are qualified experienced professionals.


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  1. Tasks will be corrected by hand and will be returned as a PDF document.
  2. Correction turn around time is approximately 2 days.
  3. Only subscribed members can submit tasks. Limits apply:
    • 6 month subscription: submit two free tasks.
    • 12 month subscription: submit five free tasks.
  4. The free writing task correction service offered with a subscription to Everyday Podcasts is a free service for members who are primarily preparing for the IELTS exam. Please note, this service only includes basic grammar and vocabulary correction. Students wanting a more extensive essay correction service are recommended to request essay correction at our online tuition page.
  5. Subscribed members are only eligible for the free writing correction service while their membership is active.
  6. A free additional 6 month subscription to Everyday English podcast will be offered to a selected number of members in exchange for allowing their writing task to be broadcasted as part of an Everyday English podcast. No written stories will be broadcasted without the author's permission.


  1. Students can select their own topic or choose from the various topics discussed in Everyday Podcasts.
  2. Write your task as a Microsoft Word document.
  3. All writen tasks must be written with double spacing. A strict limit of 280 words per task applies.
  4. Sign in, complete the writing task submission form and attach your document.